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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lazy bloggin

my sis always called me n askin y not updated ur blog...well here is the dattin...hurmmm wat more.....but here's come another problem dat i got time to go n have a read others people blog..weird is it.....hehhehe..
for this posts, i jus wana share more bout one of my fren...she's damn pretty but no brain..weird huh...meaning no brain here is not that she is stupid, she's gud for her study, excellent result...bla2 watever lar....but this gurl, very geram when talkin about her, she is heat2 chicken shit type (i mean very over the heat lar)..(hangat2 taik ayam in malay)...everytime when she ask to go out, for sure i will say yesh n we make it as an appointment, but the problem here is she is dun dare to pick my phone during our appointment date, damn lar...i dunno wat is the problem, if cannot go out jus pick up the phone my dear and jus say cannot make it...not one or twice she have doin me like this, end up i jus make her as my lost contact fren....i remember when she is having problem wit his bf, she's call me say wan end up her's life lar watever lar, i shouted at her stop doin like dat, for stoppin her doin stupid things, i told her come gurl we go hang out sum where, she's agreed and we called one of our fren , where this our fren oso in luv wit this gurl and jus agreed so he dun care how far is the distance among him, me n oso this gurl house..on his way goin my home, my house very far u noe, from KK to papar, imagine lar...ok on his way to my house this guy called me, to prepare and called the gurl to wait us, so i called n called n called n called n called n called this gurl, she's didnt pick up the phone, so i called the guy, told him dat this gurl is not goin man, she's didnt pick up my phone, and this guy shouted at me "kamurang nie kasi susa sy sj bilang mau pg knapa sy on the way suda baru ckp ndak jadi"...wat can i do is just diam2 n let the guy shouted at me..hurmmmm, this is becoz of this gurl lar....another story is this gurl called me month ago, suddenly lar, ask me to go out, n this tym im not gonna be stupid any longer, i jus straight to the point told her, "ko slalu ckp kluar tp ndak jg ko kluar last2...ko bg sy num ko, sy kasi confirm lar klau mau kluar ar..the gurl jus laugh n give me this alasan, "ala siou chell hp sy low bat", n i answered her "hurm teda kaitan ba kan klau mau number sm hp low bat, bukan hp ko ndak bleh charge kan"... the gurl kept at last i didnt get her mobile num oso...n for confirmation for goin out dat nyte, i called to her office, wah lao she is the receptionist cum admin n person in charge pick up the phone, when she pick n heard my voice, she directly hang the phone, very rude lar gurl,, so i called her second tym, this time her fren pick n like they already discuss, her fren told me she's in the toilet..since that case, i really fed up with the beauty without brain gurl...i made my mind to lost contact wit her...i really hope u readin this gurl, FYI nex tym i will not entertain any of ur call..adios amigos my little rude n bauty without brain gurl....


Evelyn LG said...

Apalah sudah kena few times .. masih ko inda sedar meh.. this kinda friend.. jgn pi layan.. kin panas ja!