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Friday, March 27, 2009

oh my boss......

i jus hate it when my boss askin to havin discussion becoz end up wit the discussion for sure he will talk about the office politic, boss do u realize that u r actin, do u realize dat u only pretending...i really hate when he start talkin about office politic.....he jus suka ati tembak people from blakang & 2day i nearly wan to shout one of the exec....when the boss is askin he sumthin, he only know to blame other people, jus imagine when my boss said...i ask u to find the document "DID U FOUND IT"...n then the exec answered the boss like this, "bos not u ask me to find it, the "A" person ask me to find it, he said he ody file it"...n then i look at the exec ufiercely...becoz the boss is askin him, but the way he answered the boss jus like blamming this "A" person, not logic at all.....n i realize watever the boss ask him, he will not answered the question at all, he only keep blamming other people, i really dun like this situation at all when havin the discussion, for avoiding to slap sumbody, i jus went out from the boss room, becoz i really canot tahan people back stabbin other, yeshhh i noe is rude but to avoid from slapin the exec its better jus goin outside like dat.... my advise for those is BOSS, pls lar..pls lar....u only can act in the office as a boss, but at outside u jus an ordinary people, jus imagine when u doin sumthing bad, back stabbin or watever, when u r pension, for sure ur staff WILL NOT go n attend ur function, and ur staff will not helping u when u havin problem, so for all the bossess outside there, pls apperciate with u staff, treat them as u fren, coz we only live for once, jus imagine when u r dead, no one will come n give u last respect, how sad would u be if u watchin thr....jus think about it