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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kids nowdays are lucky

Today went out with DH to 1borneo, on my way for searching something, something getting me interested to do sam pat of this girl, i think only secondary kids lar, the parents bought her a DSLR Canon Camera, and im bit jealous oso ba, coz i need to work and work and work for how many months till i earn some money from my pay to buy that things and this lucky girl only need to say "Mum i need a camera" then the mum oso bought for lucky lar the girl..
Some how,i do wish money is easy to earn but it is not, i oso dunno how to lick my boss butt or the leg to get increment for my salary...haishhhh, i suppose to thank GOD for what i have today's...its not easy to have good job and im suppose to be proud of my self coz everything that i have now its from my own money and this can teach me how to survive for my future...(>_<)"


Evelyn Laiyap said...

Yah.. money is not easy to get.. that's y kena pandai berbelanja lor.. hehe