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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Taiko

Xmas is coming, just wonder here how are u there, its been 1 year 5 months u have left us here...i really miss all the moment that how we spend our time for talking....Taiko, since u gone, our situation at home totally change, don't have time to clean to house, we done our own thing without helping each other...Taiko, everytime when i think of u, i always remember u said u hope between sibling relationship u hope that we will have good relationship, but i dunno why between us we just cannot have the good relationship, u are the one guide us everytime we having problem here, but now u gone...Taiko, mummy always mention of u everyday i sent her to work...Taiko, i know how to drive already, how i wish i can send u to anywhere u like now. Taiko, i use to be a proper manage time when u are around but now i do realize i have change, everyday i came back from work i only know to play online games, it used to be u are the one will advise me but now no one can advise me like u have done before...Taiko, i really miss the moment i share my problem with u, i have a lot things need to share with u, i just dunno whom should i share with now...Taiko...pls appear in my dream, i really need talk with u...i missed u so much, Xmas without u is very painful for me....Rest In Peace, Taiko


Evelyn Laiyap said...

Life goes on Chel.. I miss him very much too.. let us make all our gathering a wonderful one ..