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Friday, November 28, 2008

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hurmmmm..i tot after changing new enviroment of workin place could change..darnnn but not, yeahh its good working wit this company, no works to do since my 1st day until end of month, darnnn mkn gaji buta lar kita ckp....i gettin bored for workin this company, from HOD to the Exec, all them i dunno wat to say, keep bz doin their things, but they didnt see me they sittin borin and dunno wat to do,duhhhh, i keep askin them is thr i can help, alway say "NO".......sumtym i go to the toilet n get a nap thr...hehheheh :)).....sumtym at toilet i will spend 30 minutes to take my nap thr....dun worry lar dat company toilet is clean no man allowed to go thr....hehehhe