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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Complicated feeling + Mood

it's been a while didn't update my diary here..heheheh..just wanted to share some of my thought..just wonderding i'm always said that i hate hyprocrite but i don't even know that actually i am or myself is hyprocrite, coz whenever im saying that.'owh i hate this and that people' but actually im doing this thing everyday and suprise2 i didnt ever realize it, owh man im very pathetic..and i hate when things like this happen, just make me hate myself..ohhh god -___-"..
Sometimes i do think that i need a counseling, coz when pathetic mood is on i can felt that everyone around me seem that don't like me and this make me me god...and even worst i feel that im cheating myself to love someone, i tried but i just can't forgot past thing..owh god....
My mood for this few weeks its not good, and poor my sayang is the mangsa to release my bad temper, sorry sayang..tq for understanding me...just don't know what happen to me....GOD pls help me...what should i do now?


Evelyn Laiyap said...

hmm.. byk2 la berdoa .. not to worry so much ya! GBU