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Sunday, August 30, 2009


When we talk about dream, i know u all will say regard ur ambition,wat u wanna to be in future,wat car, women, guys, clothes, branded things ur are dreamed to have it...but this post its not the dream that i have mention it just now, its regarding we having the dreamming while sleeping, just now my sis called me, she said again that she is dreamming my late brother, before further story i do realise my blog always mention my late bro, yeahh who doesn't miss the one left u 4 ever n sis said on the dreamming she dreammed that she meet my late brother on some highway, she do mention hows my late brother look like,and my late bro said "Doc cannot save" sort of like that lar, quite remember wat my sis told my dearly sis pls do comment regarding the wat he had said sis told me she scared...and this dream is very coincident with one accident that happen with my uncle this evening, condolence to all my cousin, so sad to heard about it, my mum just couldn't be strong enough to pass me this news, she is crying and very anxious..she do told me that my cousin do call her twice...and this accident happen when my uncle is cycling his bicycle on the road, n hit by lorry....and my mum told me he died on the spot...OMG i do shocked...i can't drive my mum to papar, coz i need to take care my 2 nieces at home, so my dad sent my mum to papar, until 10.46pm they haven't back yet, yesh when someone is pass away, RELATIVE N FAMILY SUPPORT is very important, because i do "mengalami" this thing before..ALL MY RELATIVES is at the hospital when my late brother is suffered for his last day at this world, and their support do make me realize that they are very important, and now i know why my mum always scolded me when my relatives invite us to wedding or other occasion i didn't even bother or don't event attend..and my perception here is do what my sis have dreamt last nite is related with this accident happen...i really confuse.....erghhhh binggung a while...and sorry for the lack of malas next post will be regarding my boss......hint for next post ZZzzZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz...hHhHahhaahha stay tuned yeahhh..